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Webinar Sponsorship Opportunity

Increase your visibility among the Australia Latin America Business Community!

In wake of the pandemic, many of our events were moved online and even after we have made the transition, we think virtual events are here to stay. We have made important investments in technological platforms to help our members remain informed and engaged with the region. We can now give brand visibility to our sponsors in our webinars, we are upgrading our website and we have launched the App for members, to facilitate interactions within the Australia-Latin America business community.

Why Sponsor an ALABC webinar:

Since April 2020, We have delivered 24 successful business webinars, with more than 100 attendees per event. We have covered topics ranging from the Social Unrest in Chile to the Cobre Panama project. We have had the chance to engage our audience directly with Ministers, Ambassadors and senior key industry decision makers all over the Latin American region.

As an independent not-for-profit, ALABC’s revenue stream has been traditionally highly dependent on our physical events. Our events usually generate revenue from registration and sponsorship. As a consequence of the pandemic, the income from physical events is now almost negligible and at ALABC we are now offering a number of Sponsorship Opportunities for virtual events: 

  • Display your company logo, link and newsworthy information (50 word message) about your company in the digital flyers pre and post-events (minimum two promotional emails). We can promote sponsors weeks prior to the event and reshare content from the event long after it concludes.

  • Verbal acknowledgement of the Sponsor at start and conclusion of the webinar.

  • Acknowledge our sponsors in our monthly newsletter (5,000 recipients), website and social media, with links to your website.

  • Sponsor logo, name, message and web address on the holding slides prepared by ALABC.

  • Sponsor may give a brief 1-2 minute welcome at the beginning of the webinar/or speaking role.

  • We share all the data we collect from registrants and perform a summary report with the sponsors. (contains contact details only of those individuals who allow their contact information to be shared)

  • Display your corporate video before or after the webinar (2 or 3 minutes)

  • Online surveys during the event.

  • Customization of the event landing page with offers from sponsors.

  • Include your logo in the recording of the event and when we disseminate the recording to a wider audience. (1 year)

  • We can tailor a webinar to suit the sponsor requirements.

Minimum contribution is $500 per webinar for the basic package and up to $ 1,500. (Non-exclusive)

Get in touch for Rates and Availability

We will work with you to select the appropriate webinar to sponsor. Please check the event section for an overview.

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